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sambaXP 2015

The SAMBA eXPerience 2015 in Göttingen, Germany will be the 14th international SAMBA conference for users and developers. Attendants will meet the SAMBA Team, discuss requirements, new features and get an update on current developments. The conference is organized by SerNet.

The schedule for the SAMBA eXPerience 2015 is online!

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John Terpstra (Chairman of sambaXP)

John Terpstra
(Chairman of sambaXP)

Registration for sambaXP 2015

The registration has started! We are looking forward to welcoming you at the sambaXP 2015!

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Conference program 2015

SAMBA 4 mit CTDB auf GlusterFS (German!)

Dieses Tutorial am Vortag der sambaXP 2015 wird von Stefan Kania in deutscher Sprache gehalten. Zielpublikum: Erfahrene System-Administratoren

Inhalte des Tutorials:

  • Einrichten eines Cluster-Dateisystems auf zwei Knoten
  • Einbinden des Cluster-Dateisystems in zwei Samba 4 Fileserver
  • Installation und Konfiguration von CTDB als Failover-Cluster
  • Einbinden des Clusters in eine Samba 4 AD-Domäne
Teilnehmer des Tutorials erhalten auf Wunsch ein Zertifikat.  

Interoperability Protocol Test Tools Workshop

audience: experienced developers, deep code divers This tutorial will cover the latest protocol testing tools for Windows (SMB 2 & 3 Protocol Family), Office, SharePoint, and Exchange. These are intended to be used to perform interoperability testing with Linux server implementations of Open Specification Protocols. The tutorial will bring together various members of the Microsoft interoperability teams to discuss and demonstrate important interoperability topics. Message Analyzer, a protocol analysis tool will be covered as well.

Start of the sambaXP conference

Conference registration at the conference lobby of Hotel Freizeit In

Welcome Note from SerNet

Chairman’s note

What Samba needs to do to accomplish user and enterprise requirements

Microsoft File Sharing Protocols Update


SMB3 Multi-Channel in Samba

CTDB Stories

Handling Persistent Problems: Persistent Handles in Samba

CTDB: Where to from here and how can we get there?


Implementing the Witness protocol in Samba

Past, present and future of Samba messaging

Deploying IPv6-only Samba 4 Environments

Playing nice with others: Samba HA with Pacemaker


Opening Samba to a Wider World with plugins

Clustering Samba with Zookeeper and Cassandra

Window Search Protocol & Samba

365 Shades of Grey – Release Planning for Samba

Conference Party at Hotel Freizeit In

Using Samba libraries outside Samba

Introducing Bebop to Samba 4

Unforking Samba4

Status update MIT KDC integration

Powerful Toys: Windows Interoperability Toolkit

The Future is Cloudy – Samba Gateways to a Cloud Storage World


Handling POSIX attributes for trusted Active Directory users and groups in FreeIPA

SMB3 and beyond, accessing Samba from Linux

How to use the Samba Selftest Suite

tbench, a db microbenchmark, or tdb vs all the rest

SMB in the cloud

Tools for the Vagabonding Samba Developer


SMB3 – Panel

Panel Discussion


Program Committee

Chairman of the 14th samba eXPerience conference is John Terpstra – one of the founding members of the Samba Team.

The program of talks and other contributions is supervised by the program committee:

  • Jens-Peter Akelbein, University of Darmstadt
  • Jeremy Allison, Google
  • Stefan Kania, author
  • Sven Oehme, IBM
  • Thomas Pfenning, Microsoft
  • John Terpstra, Dell (chairman)

Local Organizing Committee

The local organizing committee (LOC) is responsible for all activities during the conference:

  • Ms. Dr. Chen-Yu Lin, SerNet
  • Mr. Dr. Johannes Loxen, SerNet

Do not hesitate to contact them via loc@sambaxp.org.



Dransfelder Straße 3,
37079 Göttingen
+49 551 9001-0

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sambaXP is organized by SerNet:

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phone: +49 551 370000-0
email: contact@sernet.de

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phone: +49 551 370000-0
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